The final intricate part of creating an accurate trophy mount is the painting process. Both fresh-water and salt-water fish mounts are prepared the same way. Specially blended translucent lacquers are used allowing the background color to bleed through to create the depth and definition needed.

Airbrush artist at Gray Taxidermy

Gray Taxidermy takes particular pride in the final painting process. Our expert airbrush artists recreate every detail of each species.

Airbrush artist painting Sailfishmount

Color accuracy is essential to a high-quality trophy mount and Gray Taxidermy goes to great lengths to insure the precise color. Gray Taxidermy has the knowledge and the ability to vary colors so that they match those typical of the area from which the fish came, as well as the information obtained from your Captain.

With demanding skill and accuracy, multiple layers of carefully-applied translucent lacquer create subtle shadings that add the touch of realism to every trophy mount.

Airbrush artist painting dolphin

dolphin paint scheme

The final step is a topcoat of clear that is applied in order to achieve a wet look finish and also to seal all of the color.

Tyler and Guy Harvey

Paintbrush artist at work

Once the paint is dry, the eye is detailed and the trophy mount is ready for final inspection before crating and shipping.

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