Here at Gray Taxidermy special care is involved in crating and shipping a trophy fish mount. After all, the crater is the last person in our company that will see your trophy fishmount. In a sense, he or she is also the final inspector. It's an essential part of the service ensuring your trophy fish will arrive in exactly the same condition it left the studio.

Large Crate at Gray Taxidermy

Larger fish are crated by making a 1 X 4 wooded frame around your trophy fish mount and then the entire crate is wrapped with cardboard. Each fish is centered and suspended for maximum protection. Your fish mount is now ready for shipping. In addition, all of our trophy mounts are shipped 100% insured on reputable freight carriers to ensure safe passage to its final destination.

Fishmounts crated

Sailfish mount in Crate

Smaller fish travel in boxes made of 400 lbs test cardboard which proves to be the strongest and lightest material.

Sailfish mount prepared for shipping

Shipping department at Gray Taxidermy

**IMPORTANT** When your shipment arrives, immediately before the driver leaves, inspect the mount for any damages that may have occured during shipment.

If there are, simply refuse the shipment by letting the driver know and make a notation on the DR (delivery receipt) ‘Refused due to being damaged. Point out the damage and ask him to return the shipment. Then please contact us promptly to explain the situation so we can rectify the situation. If you notice any damage after the shipping company has left.

Please contact our shipping department immediately at 954.785.6456 Ext. 12. We will diligently make sure that you will receive a new shipment as soon as possible.

Please watch this short instructional video on how to easily remove the mount from the shipping box.

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