The fish molding process is by far one of the most important steps in the making of a trophy fish mount. At Gray Taxidermy we build our molds from real fish.

Swordfish molded

We have literally travelled the world to make these molds which are a vital part in order to handcraft any fish mount possible. Such places include Bahamas, Hawaii, all over the mainland United States, Panama and Mexico. Our collection of both fresh water fish mount molds and salt water fish mount molds is the largest of its kind in the world. The patented molds are then used to create the various fish models from which we can reproduce the life like fish trophy mounts.

Shark mold in process

The process starts out by our mold makers placing an actual fish in a sandbox and shaping the fish by building up the sand to simulate the edge of the mold. Once we create a natural, action type pose, we then prepare the skin surface of the fish to ensure to capture the amazing details. Gelcoat and fiberglass are applied to the front half of the fish mount. Once this process is done, we then turn the fish over and repeat the same process. Once the mold is set, it is cut open and the fish is removed and discarded. We then clean the mold and correct and fix any flaws or imperfections.

Shark mold in process

We do not extend, shorten or modify an existing model to fulfill an order. Currently we have over 10,000 models of various sizes and species available, making us very confident that we will be able to build your custom fish mount regardless of inch increment or type of fish. Following the molding process is the fiberglass reproduction process.

Roger Master moldmaker

Roger Master moldmaker

  • Gray Taxidermy created a whole school of marlin that was used on the side of the Capt. Harry's building on I-95 in south Florida.
  • A Sailfish molded in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico was the largest Pacific Sailfish ever molded from a real Sailfish.
  • The largest Swordfish molded from a real Swordfish in modern time was caught in Stuart, Florida, and of course, Gray Taxidermy was there. This mold is a favorite order of Bass Pro Shops used in their store displays.
  • Gray Taxidermy has also molded a 640 lbs Mako shark in Hollywood, Florida
    - A Rare catch for this area!!

Snapper and Tarpon molded

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