Call for Information

Hi Craig,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to take a minute and tell you and everyone at Gray Taxidermy thank you for the fantastic service. The three mounts I purchased are of great quality and were completed sooner then expected. Also, I wanted to mention that the two guys that figured out how to get all three mounts into my SUV by building a framework were great. That is a very nice service you offer your customers and very much appreciated.

I was also very impressed by how you all seemed to work as a team. You don’t see that much anymore. It’s no wonder Gray Taxidermy is the world leader in what you do. You all deserve it!

Thank you all again.
Best regards,

Randy Clark

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I want to thank you and everyone involved at Gray’s


I received my fish yesterday and it was in excellent shape. I want to thank you and everyone involved. I know people like to hear that ,when they work so hard and do a paramount job.

Thank you again,

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Thank you for your superb craftsmanship

I just received the fish a couple days ago and I just wanted to let you know that it came in perfect with no damage whatsoever. You guys did great work!


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Bull Dorado

Thank you so much for the beautiful, lifelike work you’ve done on my bull dorado caught this spring. This is the third fish replica you’ve done for me and I can’t stop looking at each of them. I enjoy them every day.

Best regards,


Don Zuidema

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